No More MPR Its Giving Me Menopause

— Bianca To Her Sister Kat Stratford

Bianca Stratford
Vital statistics
Hair Blonde (Dyed)

Brown (Implied Natural Colour)

Age 16 (Possibly)
relationships Joey Donner (Secret Boyfriend)
Education Pauda High School
Family Dr Walter Stratford

Kat Stratford

Portrayed By Meaghan Martin
Bianca Stratford Is A sophomore and Kat's little sister. Bianca will do anything to become popular and get a spot on the cheer-leading squad. She is as vapid as could be and dates the aspiring-male-model football star. She is now learning that being popular is not as easy or simple as it seems. She is shown to be quite caring at times.


Bianca is a sweet girl who cares only about others. But she also cares about being in the popular crowd and becoming a cheerleader. She even puts up with the mean popular head Cheerleader Chasitity Church, Who is the total opposite to Bianca. In The Episode Winner Takes All it seems like Bianca is the favourite child out of the two Stratford Sisters.

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