I Still Maintain That He Kicked Himself In The Balls!

— -Katerina Stratford

Kat Stratford
Kat 10 things i hate about you
Vital statistics
Hair Blonde
Age 18
relationships Patrick Verona (Boyfriend)
Education Padua High School you bloody idiot. She was even accepted into Sarah Lawrence
Family Dr. Walter Stratford

Bianca Stratford

Portrayed By Julia Stiles

Katarina "Kat" Stratford, the "shrew" in the film. Kat is a proud, unsociable, nonconforming feminist who listens to Riot Hardcore music and reads books such as The Bell Jar. She is against having sex and often "sneers at the idiocy of teenage social life". The New York Times called this "a breath of fresh air in the stifling materialistic atmosphere of today's Hollywood teenage movies". She was accepted into Sarah Lawrence College, which her father initially refused to let her attend. Kat is based on Katherina Minola in The Taming of the Shrewby William Shakespeare. Her last name is a reference to Shakespeare's home town of Stratford-upon-Avon.


Everybody thinks Kat is really mean, or, - "Heinous bitch". But, honestly? She just says what she thinks and she refuses to let herself be who other people want her to be. She seems to loosen up when she starts drinking at the party and starts dancing on the table. When she was younger, before freshman year, she just as popular as her younger sister Bianca. (spoiler) Kat gave up her popularity after she was pressured into having hardcore sex with Joey Donner with his small P, because "everyone else was doing it". Because of that, she decided never to do anything just because other people were doing it.

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