When you're a famous artist, I want to say that I knew you. Provided that you aren't in jail for vandalism

— Kat To Her Best Friend Mandella

Kat Stratford
Vital statistics
Hair Brown
Age 17 (Possibly)
relationships Patrick Verona (Boyfriend/future husband )
Education Padua High School
Family Dr. Walter Stratford

Bianca Stratford

Portrayed By Lindsey Shaw
Katerina "Kat" Stratford is a high school junior and Bianca's older sister, Kat is a smart, strong-willed feminist with a 'sharp tongue'. She has an independent mind and deep ethical beliefs. One of her long-time goals has been to go to college at Brown University. She finds herself strangely drawn to Patrick. She is shown to be a compulsive overachiever as she broke into school just to take a test. She also tends to be inadvertently insensitive to other people's feelings.


Kat is very independent and has very strong opinions about anybody or anything. She is a femenist who does not like showing her real feelings especially not when it comes to her crush, Patrick Verona. In The Episode Winner Takes All She seems jealous of Bianca.