That Went Well

— Patrick About Kats Dad Storming off after they pranked him.

Patrick Verona
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Vital statistics
Hair Brown
Age 17/18 (Possibly)
relationships Kat Stratford (Girlfriend/future wife)
Education Padua High School
Family Unknown
Portrayed By Ethan Peck
Patrick Verona is also a junior, Patrick is a quiet, brooding loner who is often getting into trouble. He has a 'disturbingly' deep voice. He is feared by most of the students including Mandella who is the only one to believe he is a cold blooded killer, Kat's only friend. He meets Kat in the very first episode and instantly he grows to like her, because she is fearless, she has a warm heart and she cares about other people as well as herself. In the episode of the fire, Patrick is caught looking through Kat's window, she allows him in, only then for her sister Bianca to walk in calling him 'cute', near the end of this episode an old woman previously talking to Kat, tells her, 'your boyfriend' left you something, it turning out to be her deceased mum's records. He takes an interest into Kat. On the last episode, they are caught in bed together when Walter (Kat's dad) walks in on them.


Patrick has been discribed as 'A Deep Voiced, Very tall teenager who looks like a man' by Walter Stratford. He seems like a bad boy who does not care about anything. But he deep down he is a really nice guy who cares alot about Kat.