So You Want Me To Tame The Wild Beast?

— Patrick Verona

Patrick Verona
Tumblr m9u3pmiw0x1rtdzauo1 1280
Vital statistics
Hair Brown
Age 19
relationships Katrina Stratford (Girlfriend)
Education Unknown
Family Unknown
Portrayed By Heath Ledger

Patrick Verona, described by a The New York Times reviewer as a "rough-edged outsider" and "teenage rebel" who hangs out at a pool hall, smokes cigarettes, and drinks. He speaks in a partly Australian dialect (often lapsing into American) because he lived in Australia until he was ten. He is based on Petruchio, the male lead of The Taming of the Shrew, and his last name is a reference to his hometown, Verona in the play, coincidentally the setting of Romeo and Juliet.


Patrick is the rebel teenager. He smokes and drinks and does not care about anything. He was paid 50 dollars to take Kat out on a date so her sister Bianca can date Cameron. But Patrick  ends up falling in Iove with Kat.

chol[[Category:Stratford Sister Love Intrests]

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